Team Liquid’s Hungrybox competing in Genesis 4 with Injury

There are very few injuries that can put an eSports gamer out of action but Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma of Team Liquid has managed to sustain one of them. The competitive gamer has announced that he’ll still take part in Genesis 4 but with a few changes to his playstyle.

The player managed to break a finger in the run up to the big event, something he’ll no doubt be getting flak from his teammates on. The Smash player is also an avid dodgeball enthusiast and broke the digit while playing the sport. His index finger will be out of action for the tournament, but he’s hoping to use his middle and thumb.

Obviously this isn’t the best of news for the team, as they gear up to one of the most intense Genesis 4 tournaments ever. Smash does allow for this playing style in theory but whether the Genesis 4 tournament will prove too much is yet to be seen. Hungrybox will also have the added inconvenience of a splint, which could hinder his performance even further.

As one of the top Smash players, Hungrybox’s opponents will be looking out for any breaks in his defence. In previous Genesis 4 tournaments, Hungrybox’s aerial defence has proved problematic for competitors. If his dexterity isn’t up to scratch this year then this may create an opportunity for other Genesis 4 players.

Team Liquid appears to be supportive to their injured player, retweeting his status and wishing him the best of luck. We can’t help but wonder if there was some frustration towards the player, as Genesis 4 is an up and coming tournament.

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