Betfair Group has grown massively over the years to become one of the world’s largest betting exchanges. The company is based in London, England and has operated since 2011 under a Gibraltar license. Additionally, it was listed on the London Stock Exchange until February 2016 when it merged with Paddy Power Group to become Paddy Power Betfair.

The site has a vast amount of options and features for gamblers to enjoy and the site has gradually expanded to become one of the biggest bookmakers on the market. This has led to the company incorporating eSports betting facilities onto the site and while the company is fairly new to the eSports market, there are still plenty of betting options for eSports fans.

Welcome Bonus

There is a pretty great welcome bonus on offer for new customers on the site. Betfair is offering three different offers for new players with the first being £30 in free bets based on a bet of £10. Simply stake £10 on one of the qualifying bets to receive £30 in free bets.

If that is still not enough to entice you then Betfair is also offering a free £20 bet on their exchange. Simply bet £20 and if you lose the company will refund you! Finally, we have a free £10 casino bonus for new casino customers. Terms and conditions apply for all sections of the welcome package so be sure to read these before depositing.

What Games do they take Bets On?

Betfair is still finding its feet in the eSports betting market but there are number of games that you can bet on:

  • Defence of the Ancients 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Starcraft 2
  • World of Tanks

This is a pretty good range of games although you can only bet on the major tournaments for these games which limits you slightly.


The eSports betting section of the site was added to Betfair in 2015 just before it merged with Paddy Power. The site is a popular and secure place to enjoy some online gambling and some of the promotions are fantastic.

Not only is the Betfair site optimised for mobile use but there is even a mobile app available for mobile players looking to place some bets while they are out and about. The app doesn’t take up to much memory space on your phone either which is great.

The site offers far more than just eSports betting as well with a site packed with features including various odds displays, different language settings and the chance to cash out in certain instances which is an extremely popular feature on the site.


Players have many options for making secure deposits on Betfair and while debit and credit cards are of course accepted, there are plenty of other viable options as well. PayPal is one of the most popular choices but we also have Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfer, Western Union and you can also deposit by cheque.

Customer Support

The best way to contact the company is to use the 24/7 live chat system and players can usually expect a fairly quick response from staff. However, you can email or phone the company if you wish.


This site has steadily grown over the years and built up a loyal customer base. This has contributed to the expansion of the site and the welcome package is absolutely fantastic. The eSports betting options are good with plenty of games to choose from even if the bets themselves are slightly limited. The site will expand the eSports betting availability gradually though so watch out for new updates.

Overall, it’s worth a look in and the mobile app is definitely worth downloading.