VR eSports On the Way

The latest development in the world of eSports is getting ready to change again with the introduction of viable virtual reality. VR eSports seem to be on their way, with big names jumping into the arena. This impressive tech won’t just be for players but it will also influence the way we watch top tournaments.

The first big innovation in VR eSports has come from SILVER.tv, a streaming service. They’ve partnered up with ESL and Dreamhack, both big names in the tournament system. They’ll be allowing their viewers to watch VR eSports with a full 360 degree capture system in place.

This is impressive to say the least, as these are some of the largest tournaments with the biggest viewership. These games cover some of the top leagues in the world and watching play by plays in VR will be sure to enhance the experience. VR eSports viewers will be able to watch the action like never before when this deal comes into play.

VR eSports games are also being experimented with, though they aren’t quite as popular as traditional ones. These games would mean a massive change to the tournaments that we see today but it is possible that it will happen over the next few years.

VR eSports and games in general are really still in their early stages and it will take a company doing things well for them to work. Right now, companies are racing to create the first ‘real’ VR game, with Sony, HTC, Valve and others all competing.

Most tech based industries are tipping VR as the next big thing, so it makes sense that VR eSports will take off before we know it. The gaming industry always latches on to the latest tech developments so we may be watching VR eSports much sooner than expected.

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