EA Sports Weighs in on their eSports Journey

EA Sports aren’t a name that we usually associate with eSports but their community is growing. Games like Madden and FIFA are starting to creep into the competitive market, so it will be an interesting year for this developer.

Their FIFA Commissioner has described their progress as learning to walk before they run. We’ve seen many disasters in the eSports world due to a lack of preparation or planning, so it seems that EA Sports is trying to avoid this. Proper preparation for the eSports scene might seem boring but it’s essential if EA Sports want to do well in the long run.

Their ethos is to stay humble and acknowledge that while the community is there, they’re still dwarfed by games like LoL and CS:GO. They do have an EA Sports competitive division but this isn’t open to all of their players as of yet. This will be an area that they seek to expand, as EA Sports acknowledges that these events are just the tip of the iceberg.

The popularity of EA Sports games is never in question, as some of the most popular gamers and streamers focus on FIFA. These can rank higher than other eSports players, proving that the population does want to see these games played competitively and professionally. EA Sports are dipping their toe in the water, the pace of which may frustrate some fans.

In the past, the parent company EA has been perceived as ruining a lot of franchises when they take them over. Mass Effect 3 in particular is one decision that will make some players bristle at the sight of this name. EA Sports looks to be attempting to put forward a clear, fair and fun eSports experience, something which will take a lot of careful thought. They don’t want to alienate fans of their games even further. Keep your eyes peeled here for more news of this developer’s foray into eSports.

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