Our site prioritises and also respects your right to privacy. In this policy, you’ll find details of how we collect, use, store and protect your information to allow you to understand the process and what rights you have. This only applies to the services that we provide through our site and not to any other site or service that you access through us.


If you choose to opt in to the mailing list of our site or make a comment providing us with your address then we may send you promotions and news. This can be about ourselves or our partners. If you no longer wish to be contacted by us then you can follow the instructions included in our emails to opt out once more.

By choosing to comment through our website, the information that you provide may be seen by other users. This may include your name and also any information that you provide through Facebook. The information provided could then become available to others. If you do choose to post in our forums then we might also collect information to identify you. This may include your IP address with the purpose of controlling and managing the forum. We do not share this information, unless outlined in our exceptions.

Our users and ourselves may publish posts that contain links to other third party sites. These are not within our control and they may have different privacy policies to our own. We always encourage our readers to look into and read the privacy policies of any other sites that they choose to visit.


ESPORTSBETPRO.COM does not store your Twitter or Facebook login information, password or credentials. The functionality to access through these social platforms are controlled and provided by their respective owners.


If you contact or email us directly then we may choose to keep these communications on file to respond to your query and also to improve the service we provide.


When you elect to visit our site we may send out a cookie or cookies to your device. This is a package of data that is stored on your device. These are used for a number of purposes including whether you are a new visitor, storing your details for you and to provide us with information on your actions on the site. This allows us to make your experience better and allows you to view our site in the best way possible. Users can feel free to disable cookies on our site by using the settings found in your web browser. We may use session and also persistent cookies in the provision of our site and services. Session cookies last for the duration of your session online and are deleted when you end the session. Persistent cookies will stay on your device after the session is over but you can delete these using the help file of your browser.


We take our access to your information seriously and we make all efforts to protect this from any unauthorised use. In set circumstances we may share your information with other parties, individuals, legal bodies and law enforcement agencies. We may be required to share your personally identifiable information to a legal body on their request. Further to this, you authorise us to share your personally identifiable information to any 3rd party agent. This would be in the case that we believe appropriate if there is to be an investigation into fraud, potential fraud, potential danger or actual danger to our site, its security, our users, our property and rights or those of our users.

We also reserve the right to use any non-personally identifiable information in any way in which we see fit for fiscal benefit. This information may be shared commercially or non-commercially.

We use your personal information in providing our services. As well as the scenarios already laid out, we also reserve the right to disclose your personal information to our workers and business partners. We may also be apt to share your details with our advertisers if you have entered into a promotion that outlines this for fulfilment.


By accessing ESPORTSBETPRO.COM, users agree to all terms outlined in our Privacy Policy. In the event that our Privacy Policy changes, your choice to continue using our site is deemed to be an acceptance of the updated policy. It is our right to update this policy without further notice.


If you have any queries concerning this policy then contact us via the contact page.