eSports Betting Gets its First Dedicated Lawyer

Lawyers can specialise in almost every industry or type of law, this week we’re reporting on one of the newest dedicated lawyers out there. A firm has launched an eSports law company, specialising in eSports betting, contracts and other aspects of the hobby.

So what does that mean for viewers? eSports gamers as a whole aren’t particularly litigious but this may be down to the lack of dedicated professionals. If you were a player looking to contest a contract then the nuances of the industry may be lost on the average lawyer. This may lead to them not taking a case or charging extortionate prices for the research time required.

As eSports betting pundits, we can only speculate as to what this will mean for the betting side of the sport. There could be a tightening of the terms and conditions that we see, as users may be more apt to sue sites for damages. Because of the current restrictive eSports betting laws within the UK, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the larger operators. Less experiences eSports betting operators may fall foul of this though.

eSports betting and the industry as a whole could actually be improved by dedicated lawyers. They may hold operators, players, teams and management to a higher standard with the threat of a lawsuit. Of course, we may see more frivolous lawsuits coming around as a result.

It’s another step for eSports betting and gaming to become more regulated and bringing it into new territories. If the user feels more comfortable then they’re likelier to participate, which is what everyone in the industry really wants. If you want to play with eSports betting operators that are on the right side of the law and gain bonuses for doing so then take a look at our recommended sites.

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