Our Predictions for eSports Betting in 2019

Most of our readers probably wish that they could see into the future to improve their eSports betting odds. We can’t quite help with that but we do have some predictions for what we may see coming to pass in 2017.

Fighting games don’t take up that much of the market at the moment but we think that’s all going to change next year. Street Fighter and Smash Brothers are both picking up steam in this regard. The Capcom Cup has an even larger prize pool this year and with the impending rerelease of Smash Brothers with the Nintendo Switch, both of these seem set to skyrocket for eSports betting next year.

Activision have been trying to cause some hype around Call of Duty, which may help this game next year. They’re stimulating the prize pool on this game, giving the competitive market a boost. They’re doubling the prize pool for their COD World League Championship and hoping that the eSports betting market for the game gives them some much needed viewers.

The Dota2 International broke records this year with a massive prize pool and it will most likely do the same next year. They’ve went from offering $18 million to $20 million this year, we could see this get even bigger in 2017. The eSports betting world will go mad for this, as the tournament now essentially offers participants the chance to become super rich.

The Overwatch League is something that we’ll all be keeping our eyes on next year. As the game was released close to Blizzcon, it’s never had the chance to make a difference on the main stage. eSports betting pundits are predicting that the league will be organised into playoffs that will start next year.

With eSports betting becoming ever more popular, we’re also likely to see more operators taking these bets. Stick with us to read reviews of all the latest and greatest ones!

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