New Overwatch Comic Reveals a Secret about Tracer

Blizzard have taken a big step in their inclusion of LGBT characters thanks to their brand new Overwatch comic. It might not be something we think of often, but these characters have their own Christmas traditions and families.

Yesterday’s Overwatch comic featured one of our favourite characters, Tracer. We’re accustomed to seeing her dot about the field but her appearance in the comic was a much more sedate affair. She’s chilling at home, celebrating Christmas and hanging out with her partner. The big twist here is that her partner is another woman, as you can imagine this has caused a bit of a stir in the eSports community.

Overall, users have actually been exceptionally positive and even passive about the revelation, as it’s not really shocking to see an LGBT character anymore. Some users have criticised the decision that Blizzard have made in the Overwatch comic, stating that they’re simply bowing down to the political correctness mob.

Blizzard have shaken off any criticism and taken the comments in their stride, stating that it’s all a part of their plan to make their characters more diverse. This might mean we see more revaluations in Overwatch comic editions of the future, but it’s still a little too soon to tell. The fact that they even take the time to produce the Overwatch comic to add to the backstories of the characters is pretty astounding in the first place!

As always, people are flocking to Twitter, Reddit and forums to voice their opinions on the Overwatch comic. Reactions are mixed but some are missing the point of what is supposed to be a heart-warming edition of the Overwatch comic. Tracer makes a great appearance as the person that always forgets the presents until the last minute and we can’t help but identify with that.

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