First WESG Tournament a Massive Hit in China

The first World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) tournament is coming to a close in China and the prospects look good so far. This marks the end of the 2016 season of this tournament, which is one of the few ongoing at this time of year. This tournament has been a hit with players all over the globe and some players will be snatching the cash this month.

So what makes the WESG different to any other eSports tournament? The major differing factor is that players represent their country, kind of like the World Cup. Players must qualify to play in these teams and can win massive amounts of prize money. As the tournament has been taking place in China, UK viewership isn’t massive but it’s still unexpectedly high.

The WESG has a massive Dota2 tournament, which has to be one of the more popular games in terms of viewership. This will conclude this weekend and the prizes number a whopping $1.5 million, so some players will become much richer as a result of the WESG.

The Hearthstone finale game is also on the way with a $150,000 prize for the winner. Plus the CS:GO tourney will also be finishing up as the event comes to an end. It’s a massive weekend for these WESG players and viewers will have a hard time picking which events they want to bet on.

By far the best news from the end of the WESG is that this will be taking place for the next five years. The organisers of the WESG have signed a deal with the province of Changzhou to keep the tournament there for the foreseeable future.

The massive company Alibaba is sponsoring the event and their eSports wing, Alisports, will have their name branded across the WESG. If you’re interested in eSports betting on these events then check out our list of top operators.

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