Team Immortals Receives Investment from Lionsgate

Lionsgate are well known for producing excellent film and television series. They’re taking a foray into the eSports market by investing in an up and coming team. Team Immortals is benefiting from what can only be a substantial investment from the massive company.

The exact figure they have place into Team Immortals is not public knowledge as of yet, but we know this company doesn’t do things by halves. They’ve already stuck their toes into the waters of eSports by helping to produce a show that will put a reality TV spin on the competitive Halo scene – think Celebrity Big Brother with more guns.

Their press release on the topic was predictably vague, simply stating that it will be a welcome new opportunity for the producers. They’re hoping to use Team Immortals as a platform to reach new audiences, so there may be an element of sponsorship in there too.

Team Immortals dabble in just about every competitive game that there is, from CS:GO to Super Smash Bros. Their team has went through huge changes since its genesis in 2015, with only one player still in there from the original team.

They used the tactic of hiring players, so with this investment could come a wealth of new super professionals. Team Immortals sadly missed out in qualifying for the LoL World Championship last year but they could make a comeback in the 2017 season with all new players. Though they have competed before, they’ll have an almost entirely new team and have yet to be tested.

With the eSports industry expected to be worth an estimated $1 billion this year, it’s no wonder that Lionsgate want to get in on the action. Team Immortals are set to benefit greatly from the partnership, it just remains to be seen what they’ll do with the cash.

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