World of Tanks

Game Background

This game was released in 2010 by European games company Wargaming and became an almost overnight success. World of Tanks places players in control of a single tank that is part of a larger army. The player must communicate with other players, who are also in control of a tank each, and use them to complete objectives.

World of Tanks, or WoT, takes the MMO games genre back to basics, as this is one of the simplest teamwork environments. In all teamwork games, players work together to achieve a common goal, and the most stripped back version of this is an army. Even games like LoL and DotA2 have players working as a single unit, just in a more complex environment.

The game’s simplicity is one of the reasons it gained such popularity, with the other major factor being that it’s free to play. It was released for free with in game purchases, based on the popular freemium model that you’ll be familiar with if you play games like Candy Crush. The player is given all of the basic equipment that they need but they can super charge their tank with purchased add ons.

Aim of the Game

With this game each player is looking to be part of a successful team or unit by communicating to achieve a common goal. This game is purely about skill, if you choose to play it without any micro transactions. The number of players per unit can vary but in most eSports tournaments this game is played in teams of seven.

The teams will each be given a goal to complete to win the round, which can either be to destroy the enemy or their bases. For this reason World of Tanks is an easy eSport to follow, as the objective is usually simple to keep up with.

Players use voice chatting software to communicate and the most popular teams have this perfected. The strategy of the game means that it looks simple on the surface but there’s much more going on underneath.

Console Availability

This game can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4, though the PC and console versions aren’t exactly the same. The console edition is slightly different as it has alternate controls, levels and tank purchase packages.

League Information

World of Tanks is becoming more popular in the eSports arena as it becomes more popular with players. The use of micro transactions makes it easy for everyone to try out the game, though only a small percentage go pro. There are open and invitation only leagues for this game, as the owners of the game want to cultivate a game in which every player can play professionally.

The tournament sponsored by the creator of this game, Wargaming, is known as the WGLNA and begins each December. Each year is known as a season with this tournament and it lasts almost all year long. The tournament is sponsored by some of the biggest names in gaming and PC development, such as Intel and Alienware. They also sponsor smaller leagues throughout the year that give the winners in game premium currency, though these are not widely bet upon.

The teams that want to get to the final of this competition have to go through heats and relegations before being selected to go through to the Gold League. These are broadcasted via Twitch TV throughout the year, though not all eSports betting operators accept bets on the smaller games in the season. Only 16 teams make it through to the Gold League, and this is where the real fun starts for spectators and players.

Any player can take part in the Bronze League and winners from this tournament will make their way up to the Silver League. These are then whittled down further into the Gold League before going on to create a final winner. The number of tournaments encapsulated in this eSport is what makes the seasons so long when compared to others.

Another league that takes place during the year for this game is the ESL Yolo Cup, which has one heat per week. The all-star finale features 5v5 teams, which makes for quicker games and more exciting matches. There is an open and a major version of this tournament from this provider, which are for average and professional players.

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